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"DISTANCIA" coming soon


"Distancia,"  is a song that weaves seduction and disconnected love, blending R&B, Latin Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music. The touches of traditional Flamenco pull listeners into a dance with the fusion of cultures that is today’s music.

The song’s fresh sound, which marries Latin and African-American urban music, in Spanish and English, emerges from the collaboration of LA music producer, songwriter, and artist Marcus “Bellringer” Bell, whose credits include Nicki Minaj, Katy Perri, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and more, and Spanish artist and music producer, Cristina Malakhai, the rising star of “Distancia,” who has charted #1 in iTunes Spain.


The lyrics capture the complexities of two people and two worlds that are so close, yet so far apart. Deeper than romantic love, it expresses the tension between the human desire for connection and the complicated ways we perceive ourselves as separate.

The music video has more than a dozen awards and nominations at Los Angeles and Latin America Film Festivals.


SINGLE COVER 2020-2.jpg

“DISTANCIA”, el single-videoclip de Bellringer & Cristina Malakhai premiado y nominado en varios festivales de cine de Los Ángeles y Latinoamérica

El single saldrá este año y ahora mismo está en ronda de festivales donde está empezando a recibir premios y nominaciones en Festivales de Cine de Los Ángeles y Latinoamérica con su videoclip inspirado en el cuadro "Los Amantes" de René Magritte. 


Best Music Video: Independent Short Awards (International Film Festival, Los Angeles), Portoviejo Film Festival (Ecuador), IndieX Film Fest (Los Angeles); Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles), Luminous Frames Film Festival, Finalist and Nominations: Venice Film Awards (Italy), Just Before Midnight Film Festival; Official Selections: Venice Shorts (USA), The Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase (Los Angeles, USA), South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Chile), Buenos Aires International Film Festival (Argentina), Melbourne Lift-off Film Festival (Australia), SHORT to the point (Romania), First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (USA), L'hospitalet de Llobregat International (Barcelona, Spain), London Music Video Festival (London, UK).

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